Game Over you're dead.
Konnichiwa~ My name is Jade, I'm 19 years old and I'm from Italy. I love: Clowns, Hisoka, HxH, Shironuri, Gothic Lolita, Pastel Goth, Cats, Bats, and a lot more.

Gooey Monster Cookies and Monster Suckers

Bath time with baby

Devil by BettaKats
sims4sims: i cant download ur new tights , it says file has been moved or deleted :( it looks great i would luv to have it

My mistake, I don’t know how i’ve deleted the file on dropbox..
Now is fixed~
You can go to download it again. ^-^

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Dress from BrandedKitty [discount code: Gasaii]. Top from Syndrome. Blog post + pictures. ♡
Three Bats